Help for the calendar files


Help for the calendar files :-

Restoring Corrupt / Lost Data files
The Flat file calendars rely on the maintenance of text based data files which can become
corrupt if you do multiple impatient Clicks on buttons on update pages or if the server
has a problem at the exact same time as you are updating availability. This is very rare but
it can happen.

Firstly it is VERY IMPORTANT that you use the database backup facility in the admin menu for your calendar
whenever you make significant changes to your calendars setting or availability. If you have not
made a backup then you only have your self to blame if you lose all your data and have to
setup the calendar again from scratch.

If you get a message to say that your data files are missing or corrupted then do the following:

Call Ben at 0418606067 or email to with the details of the issue.

* Regular backup using the backup / restore button on the Calendar Maintenance page with go a long way to avoiding chaos.





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