Search Holiday Houses for Availability


Enter the dates - Saturdays only - for the weeks you are looking for. Only houses with availabilty will be listed. Click the name to be taken to a page where you can review the property and optionally click the 'View Availabilty Calendar'. Houses are individually managed.

To request a booking you select the period you are interested in - if not shown as unavailable - click the 'Request Booking' button and fill in the form that will appear.

Managers make time available, sometimes not more than a year in advance. This page will only show houses that are available for the dates you select. Bookings are from Saturday to Saturday, you can select other days but the system will only allocate full weeks and then only from Saturday to Saturday. For other periods, parts of weeks in less busy times for example, use the 'Enquire' button on the Availability Calendar on the page of the house you are interested in, It will send your enquiry to the manager of that property.