The Loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) come ashore and lay their eggs during the summer months. Over the last few years, Peter Mack has identified and protected the nests from foxes that would otherwise dig up the eggs.

Peter has found that by putting sticks in the sand around the nest and by reducing fox numbers with traps and baits that the nests survive the local predators.

Peter Mack - the Conservationist who protects the turtles

In February and early March, turtles hatch and venture into the sea.
Guided tours are arranged to watch the little turtles emerge.

Helping the baby turtles get to the surface
This nest was covered to a depth of more than a meter by sand blown over it during the incubation of the eggs. Here Peter is helping the little turtles by removing some of the sand. middle
Before too long the turtles emerge and head for the noise of the sea.



The ruts in the sand from passing vehicles are an obstacle the little turtles don't need  
 More help from the crowd. (The dog is very well trained)
Down to the ocean
Finally, as the sun sets, the little fellows head off to sea
Out to sea - good luck