Ningaloo Reef Dive


Daily Ningaloo Dives

Join our daily reef dives to some of the most spectacular locations the Ningaloo Reef has to offer! This area of the Ningaloo Reef has amazing biodiversity with spectacular hard coral formations, soft corals and sea fans, schools of fish, turtles, graceful manta rays, dugongs, dolphins, anenomies, clownfish, giant clams, multiple species of moray eels, colourful profusions of bright reef fish, stingrays and much more. Photographers will love getting close to a huge choice of subjects! All tours are half day and include light refreshments and knowledgeable,  experienced guides/crew.


Snorkellers won't miss out either! Many of our sites are suitable for all levels of snorkellers and you can expect to see all of the critters listed above! This is the perfect way to enjoy a boat snorkelling trip to some of the liveliest spots on the Reef. Have both divers and snorkellers in your group? Ningaloo Reef Dive's half day boat tours are perfect - snorkellers can enjoy the shallower areas of the dive site or follow above the divers as they cruise the depths!

Manta Ray Interaction Tours

Snorkel up close with the most graceful creatures in the sea - Manta Rays! Watch as the Mantas provide you with awesome photo and viewing opportunities as they swim, glide, roll  and feed near the surface! This tour is suitable for all levels of snorkellers and certified divers can choose to add a single reef dive on this tour. Our tour includes everything you need - mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, light refreshments, searching for Mantas plus a snorkel or dive on the reef. Learn more about our Mantas and help with our photo ID project by joining our exclusive PADI Distinctive Speciality - Mantas of Ningaloo.

Whale Shark Adventures

The biggest fish in the sea id simply an incredible rush to interact with! We use a spotter plane to guide our vessel to the whale shark and maximise your time in the water. We are the world's leading whale shark team with the most experienced and dedicated crew - our aim is to provide you with an experience you will never ever forget. Our full day tour includes lunch, snacks, drinks and equipment including a wetsuit, various snorkelling opportunities throughout the day, CALM fees and our spotter plane. In the unlikely event that no whale shark is sighted on your booked tour, we do offer ONE REPEAT TOUR AT NO CHARGE per paying passenger. Please contact us for complete details.

Late March to June - Every day

North Reef Safaris

Explore untouched sites along the North Reef! Come with us as we discover new territory where the animals are not used to humans and where the sea life is abundant, diverse and inquisitive! Search for turtles, sharks, dolphins, manta rays, morays, soft corals, sponges, huge cod and much more. Listen to humpbacks singing; watch dolphins play on the bow; get up close to incredible marine creatures; visit beautiful areas of pristine Ningaloo Reef - maybe even encounter a shy dugong. Our full day tour includes two reef dives, lunch, snorkelling opportunities and watching for a wide variety of marine life!

Humpback Whale Watching

Humpback Whale watching tours offer you the chance to see the visiting humpbacks including the mothers with their calves. Our half day tours run throughout the season - contact us for exact dates and details. June to November.

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