Welcome Letter


Dear House Guests,

Welcome to Coral Bay. We really hope that you enjoy your stay. This letter sets out important information about the house, the community and who to go to for help if you get stuck with something, so please read on. 

Things to do 

A holiday in Coral Bay provides fantastic opportunities to fish, swim, snorkel, watch a stunning sunset, walk along the beach and enjoy the sun. You can also join fishing charter boats, go on whale and dolphin watching tours (at various times of the year), take a quad bike trip – even take a scenic flight over Ningaloo Reef. Coral Bay boasts several restaurants, a child friendly pub and a tavern. There is a café where you can enjoy a cappuccino under the vines while you sit and read the paper or access the free wifi. It has a small shopping centre with a well-stocked supermarket (they will even order in lobster and prawns from Exmouth if you ask) and a great bakery. There is a hairdresser and beauty salon as well as a newsagent and various gift and clothing shops. If these amenities make Coral Bay sound like a place buzzing with action, well that’s only the story if you want it to be. There is ample opportunity to float in the water, amble down the road and lose all sense of time.


Until recently most water in the housing estate has been drawn from an artesian well and as such was not very pleasant to drink. Artesian water is still used to water the grass throughout Coral Bay. Now, however, we have fresh water, both hot and cold, in both houses meaning that is clean and drinkable.  Hot water is supplied with the use of solar hot water systems.  You will find booster switches in both houses although these will be rarely required.

 Air Conditioning 

There are often cool, moderating breezes in Coral Bay, with the top house especially well positioned to make good use of them by opening the windows and letting the cool breeze in.  If, however, the breeze (and the water in the bay) is insufficient, air conditioning is available in both houses.  Please use sparingly.


We, like most home owners in Coral Bay, suggest that you bring your sheets, pillow cases and towels with you as there is no commercial laundry service in Coral Bay.  However, we understand that this is not always possible or desirable.  Linen may therefore be hired at the cost of $50 per person for the length of your stay (or per fortnight, whichever is the lesser).  The caretaker will make the beds prior to your arrival and take care of the washing when you depart.


We know that many people come to Coral Bay in pursuit of fish – and most people are quite successful in this regard. To this end we have provided a fish-cleaning table on the back lawn for the use of guests in both houses. A tap with a hose is located alongside the fishing table as is an outdoor shower.  These come in handy for fish cleaning and cleaning up after the fish cleaning – and washing the sand off yourselves before you go inside.

 BBQs are located on the veranda of each house along with outdoor table and chairs.  Feel free to move the chairs and table to whichever setting provides the most comfort / shelter from the elements / the best view of the ocean or the setting sun.

 There is an additional bathroom and toilet located in the garage (access through the side door).   Guests in either or both houses may use this facility.


There is a parking allocation of two cars and one boat space for each house in the shared parking area at in front of the houses. Please do not park on the road or, even partially, on other people’s property.  Our side boundaries are close to the houses so this area is a no-go zone for vehicles.

Small problems

As the owners live in Perth – or even further south in Harvey – we rely on the caretakers, Natalie and Adam, to take care of small problems should they arise. Please note that you must call the Caretakers when you arrive so that Natalie or Adam can greet you and give you the keys.  We trust that you arrived to a clean house and we ask that you leave it in the same condition, otherwise a fee for additional cleaning will be deducted from your bond. There should be a set of 8 crockery, cutlery and glassware supplied. We understand that breakages happen. Please report any breakages to the caretakers so that they can restock for the next guests. From time to time, when friends are staying in both houses, items get moved from one house to the other. Please return any items borrowed from either the upstairs or downstairs houses before you leave Coral Bay.

TVs and DVD players are located in each house. A range of free to air stations are available, including from other States (but not Foxtel). If you have trouble with the operation of the TVs, call the caretakers during daylight hours.

Big problems

For big problems, those that require ambulance, police or fire-fighters, please follow the usual protocol of calling 000. With regard to ill health, Coral Bay does have a medical centre where on most days of the week you can find a doctor and/or a nurse. Prescriptions can be sent through to be filled by the hospital pharmacy in Exmouth. With regard to fire, extinguishers and fire blankets are located in the kitchen of both houses. With regard to trouble that requires the police, try not to cause any! Joking aside, police are often located in Coral Bay, otherwise they come from Exmouth or Carnarvon if needed.

Special requests

We make a special request that you neither put the lounge chair cushions on the floor nor walk on them. It’s a big job to wash the cushion covers and anyone prepared to do it lives a long way away.

Many thanks for choosing to stay at number 22. We hope you have a great time,

the owners :- 

Karen, Sheryl, Danny, Ken, Lee and Russell (two branches of the Upton clan)



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